A new era on Turkey-Iraq Relations

iraq investment 2015

One of the most beautiful cities of Middle East, Baghdad is still looking for peace and stability although American troops withdrawn from there. Security points in every corner and distracted buildings are showing the tiredness of past two decades.
Turkish – Iraqi relations are trying to grow up in this environment. It has always been a new clean era but actually it’s not that clean. First of all, the main dissidence between Baghdad and Ankara is energy cooperation. It’s showing its effect today. Turkey is almost 60 percent dependent to Russia in terms of energy resources and Kurdistan regional government’s oil and gas are very important for Turkey which is trying to reduce its Russia dependency.
Turkish officials are always claiming that Iraq is an oil rich country and Turkey cannot ignore it and regional government can’t wait for compromising between Baghdad and Erbil. Seems like energy is always going to be the main topic of economic relations for both countries. Although Turkish investors are discovering Iraq for a very long time and examining the economic structure there. This is creating a new tradition for Turkish business life.
Recent terrorist organizations and other problems are effecting economic relations but still Turkey and Iraq are ready for tangible cooperation. A new railway project, increasing 12bn dollars economic capacity and opening new border gates are the projects waiting for new era.
Turkish PM and one of the strongest supporters of Turkey’s relations with Iraq, Ahmet Davutoglu insisting on investing in Iraq. Turkey should never break the ties with Iraqi opportunities of business. Turkey has turned its face to Islamic geography with AKP government and AKP wants to prove that it was a right strategic move.
What about Turkey’s war on terror?
What is weird about the Turkish campaign against the Kurdish forces is that they have been the only really effective fighters against Daesh with the exception of Shiite militias in Iraq. If you were going to launch a campaign against Daesh, would you do it by damaging Daesh’s most effective foe on the ground?
Early on Sunday Turkish police in the capital of Ankara dispersed hundreds of Kurdish activists who gathered to protest the bombardments, and arrested 25. the headlines say something about the protesters not wanting the campaign against Daesh, but these were mostly Kurds and they weren’t demonstrating in favor of the beheaders. Turkey’s twin campaign has a propaganda element that the press is sometimes falling for.
We can easily say that Turkish – Iraq relations will be based on 2 main topics for next years: Economy and terror. When Turkey is fighting with Daesh and PKK terror, at the other hand trying to keep the relations alive between Baghdad government and Kurdistan regional government. All researches committed at the same point that Deash problem will be there until big bosses will find a permanent plan to stop them. Turkish and Iraqi investors should see this situation as soon as possible and start to solve their own area. Otherwise with the scared politicians, investors and others this pain will stay longer.

Istanbul August 9th 2015