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Born out of the premise that The foreigner has little understanding of Turkey or its Political life, was created as an Independent non-profit organisation, specifically providing you a non Turkish understanding on modern Turkish issues. Covering Economic, Social, Political, and Regional events and their likely impact on foreign understandings of Turkey, A dedicated team will illustrate how the perspectives may be explained from varying angles to facilitate a greater understanding of Turkey. Our scholars and contributors are from varying fields of expertise, contributing opinions, the odd policy papers, along with academic articles, all balanced against a historical context.

About Turkish Think Tank

Turkish Think Tank was born out of the premise that Europe, The USA and other "informed" regions of the world, were actually ill informed on Turkey, Turkeys culture, its economy, and geo political vision, even its domestic politics. Often these countries could not, or did not follow the daily events, because they make no sense to their preconceived misconceptions of this dynamic fast changing country. Turkish Think Tank has become a valuable forum for Non Turkish Institutions, Governments and individuals, who wish to see beyond the party political lines, and Make Sense of Turkey. The site is designed to provide concise relevant insights, to be read whilst your on the move. we pride our self in our mobile site. Should you wish more detailed insights for your relevant field of interest, we do produce unique reports for your committee, board, or company even if its just for further reading we usually have relevant articles available. Please contact us using the "Contact Us" page along with area of interest and we will inform you what has been published.

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