Turkey coup attempt of Gülenists explained in special report

Daily Sabah Centre for Policy Studies, the think-tank extension of Daily Sabah, published a special report regarding the July 15 failed coup attempt perpetrated by a small junta embedded in the Turkish Armed Forces. In the report, the role of the Gülenist Terror Organization / Parallel State Structure (FETÖ/PDY) and its leader Fetullah Gülen’s role in the failed coup is clearly explained.

Military troops loyal to the government, along with police units and millions of Turkish citizens, succeeded as of Saturday morning in quelling a coup attempt, launched by a small military junta linked to the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), starting from mid-afternoon on Friday.

At least 2,839 pro-coup members of the military, including 29 colonels and over 40 generals, have been detained across Turkey, the Ministry of Interior said Saturday.

Turkey’s top judicial body HSYK also ordered the detention of 2,745 Gülen-linked judges and prosecutors on Saturday while two members of the Constitutional Court were detained for involvement in the coup attempt.

As a result of the attempted coup, 237 people were killed, including 41 police officers and 47 civilians, while 1.440 others were injured. Some 104 pro-coup figures were also killed.